Human Powered Vehicles e.V.


HPV Idea of the Year 2013


Each year, HPV Germany e.V. awards the prize "HPV-Idee des Jahres" (HPV Idea of the Year). For the 2013 competition, five ideas were submitted.

The Ideas

Click the title to download the pdf:

One idea was withdrawn, so it is shown here for informational purposes only.

Members of the Jury 2014

  • Heiko Stebbe, rides Leitra, folding recumbents, rickshaw and tilting recumbent trike, initator of the contest, designer of diverse vehicles
  • Christoph Hipp, rides a velomobile Milan, former chairperson of HPV Germany
  • Heike Bunte, rides miscellaneous recumbent bikes, bicycle mechanic, chairperson of HPV Germany
  • Michael Pohl, rides home-made bicycles, former vice chairperson of HPV Germany, designer of diverse vehicles and trialers
  • Thomas Wolf, chief observer for record rides, web editor
  • Andreas Pooch, longtime recumbent rider, Liegerad-Verlag (Recumbent Bikes Publishing Company), Editor for Infobull(HPV Germany's and Futurebike Switzerland's club magazine)
  • Tillmann Lunde, recumbent rider at leisure time,  compliance expert und risk assessor


The jury evaluated each submitted idea on the basis of the following criteria.

  • reference to the year 2013
  • grade of recentness
  • practicability / progress of implementation
  • relation to HPV / profit for the promotion of HPV
  • publicity / personal impression of the jurors (I-like-it criteria)

The criteria were ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 points. The ideas were ranked by calculating the sum of the points received. Only the winning submission was assessed by the jury as to its compliance to the rules of the competition.

Announcement of the Winner

The winning idea will be announced on 26. April at Spezi (special bikes fair).