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Record Weekend 2019


Record Weekend 2019 

This year, it is not clear if HPV Germany e.V. will organize a record week-end. As soon as we know we will publish it here on the web-page.



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The test track Lausitzring: The perfect environment for human powered world speed records

Rekordversuche auf einem endlosen AsphaltbandSince 2009 the HPV Deutschland e.V. has the possibility using a test track for riding world records with HPV’s. The DEKRA e.V. is the owner of a huge test track area which is situated in the Niederlausitz next to Klettwitz, located 55 km north of Dresden and 150 km south-east of Berlin.

Rot gegen OrangeThe 5.8 km long track offers ideal conditions for riding world records due to its layout: two curves and two straights and its flatness. The test track opened in 2000 which means that the surface is in a very good condition. Altogether, over 10 European- and World records (from 200m to 24 h) were ridden on the track till 2011.

Planning to ride a world record
application process via HPV Deutschland e.V.

In general riding a world record must be understood as a serious event and not as an inflationary attempt. This specifically means that only serious applications will find consideration. Wanting to use the test track and planning to ride a world record attempt means that several conditions and rules of procedures in connection to the event have to be observed and accepted.

Support TeamDue to several costs (travelling and accomodation) for the observers and other helping HPV members the HPV Germany e.V. needs to charge a fee for participation.

Applicants must keep the following points in mind:

The application process has two steps:

Step 1: First dead line for an application the end of Mai for attempts in (late)summer. To apply for participation, simply send an e-mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! The application should contain the following points:

  • Name of rider
  • Expected size of supporting team
  • Name of vehicle
  • Record category
  • Favorably phone number and web site

Only a limited number of starting slots is available. In case of too many applications, we will draw lots.


Step 2: The applicants receive an e-mail demanding the participation fee and further data about the team. By paying the fee, the riders register bindingly for participation.

Necessary information for applicants:

  • A supporting team is required for every attempt,
  • Riding is only allowed with legal bike helmet with international testing EN certificate
  • Riding a record attempt is always taking place at your own risk
  • Membership in a national HPV club, itself required to be a member of the WHPVA

HPV e.V. provide the following organizational steps:

  • Arrangement of qualified observers from several European countries,
  • Arrangement of timing system,
  • Professional clearing in advance and after a successful record with the WHPVA (World Human Powered Vehicles Association,
  • Safety on test track and environment

HPV Germany also supports record rides complying to other record associations. Records have been ridden complying to UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, and WRRA (World Recumbent Racing Association In this case, please contact HPV Germany as far in advance as possible. The riders themselves must assume communication an preparations with the record respective association. If the rules require manual timing in addition to electronic timing, the rider must provide persons to do the manual timing.

ZieleinfahrtThe Observers

Each observer has to be a member of an HPV Club. This is required for acceptance of possible new world records by the WHPVA. Our specialists have an international background and therefore a lot of experience in riding races as well as long distance rides.

Main Observers of HPV Deutschland e.V. are: Thomas Wolf.

Your Team Lausitzring/HPV Deutschland e.V.
Thomas Wolf and Heike Bunte

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