WHPVA World Championships 2013

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Dear participants, spectators, intrigued ones and friends of diversity operated by muscular-strength,

The HPV Germany e.V. is very glad to arrange the 2013’s HPV-world championships for vehicles on land and water in Leer / East Friesland. These are already the third world championships (after Cologne in 1997 and Friedrichshafen in 2003) that are arranged by the HPV in Germany. Such a world championship is not only an opportunity for standing out of line in a positive, extraordinary way, but also a pleasing challenge for the association.

Recumbent bicycles and even velomobiles came across most people at least once in their lives by personal contact or by reports in daily papers, regular publications or on the net. Still, the HPV’s world is regarded with something between curiosity and scepticism within public perception. Nevertheless, HPV-engaged ones are certain that, for more than 25 years of ceaseless evolution, constant dripping has positively worn away the stone.

Within the 1980s, we focused on developing HPV-vehicles (including boats). Meanwhile, this area has turned out into an independent and professional business, which goes without saying. The distance to the world of normal bicycles has become recognizably smaller and will not become wider even with much dope on the other side. This is because of various, reliable figures (e.g. the number of sold recumbent-bicycles, access rates on info-tools like the HPV and other HPV’s supportive Internet presentations, especially the panel of recumbent and velomobiles). These numbers indicate that, within a society intent on individuality, a good start with a rare vehicle is carried out; and that vehicle may be slightly more economical than a comparable, “normal” one. Furthermore, this rare vehicle provides advantages (e.g. everyday ability, comfort and energy saving, besides the social recognised ‘spirit’). Last, numerous German recumbent-bicycle producers are represented with their products throughout the whole world. All that shows producers’ and construction enthusiasts’ joy in developing.

The HPV Germany has prevented himself from being called old-fashioned by a continuously increasing number of memberships as well as by enriching his activities. This is shown on events such as the world championships, since we demonstrate vehicle diversity on a large scale there. We are well aware of that the association has struggled so far because of its abstract principles (e.g. protection of environment, health care, safe mobility). It was difficult to push these topics forward according expectancy. Yet, up to a certain point, others also struggle with these subjects. Consequently, these subjects have to consist on convincing people that, in many situations, mobility with a recumbent bicycle is more comfortable than with a normal bike. Besides this, by using velomobiles, one can reach out in areas, which have been preserved for motorised vehicles so far.

Travelling as a common people by velomobile from Hamburg to Berlin within seven to eight hours? Is that possible (and even returning the next day)? Travelling by recumbent bicycle across the Alps? Done, it is possible. Travelling within few days from Hamburg to the annual bicycle fair of the HPV-world in Germersheim – passing several thousand metres of difference in altitude? No problem, that is also possible with a slightly delayed breakfast. Going by HPB (Human Powered Boat) across the river Elbe as fast as the ferry Glückstadt-Wischhafen? Done already and with what kind of fun! Constructing one’s own HPB? Travelling together with disabled by using recumbent bikes? Vehicles’ variety of the HPV shows how inclusion and diversity is managed. Inspiring families for touring together on holiday or being on the road joint by other groups? Regardless of doing shopping everyday or managing special incidents in life with mobility: vehicles are safe and suitable for everyday riding. This is so due to the fact that HPV’s members call for getting from A to B most comfortably and efficiently by using good vehicles.

The HPV Germany e.V. invites you to attend the world championships, which are actively and extensively supported by the town Leer. Come as a participant; visit the town Leer as a guest. Enjoy the thrilling emotions of the numerous spectators at the beautiful inner-city-run. Cheer on your friends doing the classic competitions such as “200-metres with flying start”, the middle run “one-hour”, and the long run “100-kilometres”. You can join us in the inclusion run “being mobile together” or in the everyday competition. In the latter you can experience how recumbent bicycles survive in everyday life. Let us entertain you by moving seemingly effortless on Human Powered Boats. Much technical knowledge impresses and rider’s skills are shown on water.

Enjoy the tremendous support by the citizens of Leer, rejoice the service of warm and healthy food for sportswomen and men as a participant, get to know people from all over the world which share their passion.

Leer, we look forward to a diverse weekend operated by muscular-strength!